Frequently Asked Questions

What support will I receive from IITM?

When you enrol at IITM you are assigned a personal expert tutor, to guide and encourage you throughout your studies. He or she will be available throughout your distance learning course to give you help with specific issues, and help you through difficult topics. He or she will also provide you with detailed feedback on your distance learning assignments. Your tutor will keep in touch with you on a regular basis throughout your distance learning course to check on your progress and give you encouragement and advice.

How long will it take to complete a course?

It entirely depends on you that how much time you give to your studies and how regular you are. All of our courses are designed to be totally flexible and we impose no time limit for their completion. Therefore you can complete your studies at your own convenience.

Who will teach?

We have 7 to 10+ years industry trainers, who worked with top companies. No teacher only expert (IIT, IIM, MUMBAI, BANGLORE AND PUNE).

Will I have to sit an examination?

There are assignment, project and formal test (MCQ) base course. After each course unit you complete an assignment and project which you will submit to your tutor for marking. The tutor will mark it and will give you feedback on this .on successful completion of your assignments and project you will move on to your test this is based on MCQ. After that IITM provide internship for you (15 days to 45 days). This way you will complete your course.

Are there any time limits or deadline dates?

There are no fixed dates for completing and submitting the assignments. This is to give you a flexible study experience to suit your life style. However we recommended that a student should submit an assignment after every weeks to complete the course on time.

Can I study if I live outside the India?

We have students studying with us from around the world. You can study with us where ever you are in the world.

How do I Enrol?

You can apply online by completing apply online form on our website ( You can also enrol with our team executive.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes you can pay your fee in interest free monthly instalments

Can I take a break if I need?

Your course will not expire, and it will not become invalid until you have successful completed it.if you need short break from your study, you can do so by informing your tutor about it